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The Chuzzlewit Chronicles

Even the sky has secrets. 

As a pilot, Victoria Digby is determined to defend her beloved Chuzzlewit from the deadly mechanical creature residing in the nearby ocean. Feisty, brave, and headstrong, she defies her mother's expectations in order to do what she thinks is right. 

A mysterious boy arrives, claiming to be from a strange place Victoria has never heard of. The more she gets to know him, the more she loses not only her heart, but also all sense of security about the life she thought she loved. 

Graham knows secrets about people, things he couldn't possibly know, including a secret about Victoria that she has yet to uncover. 

Mostly, Graham knows what the sky is hiding. When he tells Victoria the truth, getting rid of the sea monster is no longer her biggest problem. 

Getting out of Chuzzlewit is. 

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