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Curse of the Pirate

This darkly enchanting fairytale has hints of "The Little Mermaid" and "The Prince and the Pauper." Tense and imaginative, it's perfect for fantasy romance fans looking for heart-pounding, enemies-to-lovers, page-turning escape. 




Danger and romance await across the sea.  

In search of a cure for her dying people, Princess Cali travels to an elusive land perfumed with moonlight and magic. 

But war is brewing on the horizon. Soraya, the land's princess, owes a great debt to the pirate king, and Cali is about to pay it when she reluctantly agrees to court his son, Bae, in Soraya's place. The ruse is her only way to access the palace rumored to contain the magical cure she needs. 

Bae is alluring and enigmatic. He weaves himself deeper into the threads of her every time they're together. But she knows the facade can't last. It's only a matter of time before Bae and his father find out they've been deceived. If Cali isn't careful, this pirate will not only be her people's downfall...

He'll be hers  too. 


“A fast-paced fantasy romance with a strong female protagonist…it will appeal as much to adult readers as to a YA audience. The main characters in this tale are true to themselves in the face of unending surprises and plot twists.”

-Publishers Weekly

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"Cortney Pearson knows how to take over your world and make you exist only in hers. Let yourself be captivated."

-a Kindle  reviewer



They want his heart. He wants their power. 

When Bae Kelsey invites princesses across the ocean to compete in a tournament for his hand in marriage, Cali volunteers herself as a contender. She hopes to win, not for herself, but for her cousin, Soraya, to regain the kingdom that was stolen from her. 

But Cali quickly realizes this is no tournament for a joyful marriage union. Bae is only after a princess with enough power to destroy the boundary keeping him from sailing to Zara. And he doesn't care who gets in his way. 

Cali will have to face dauntless, calloused princesses with ruthless power and complete insuperable tasks that test the very strands the girls are made of. If she can't survive the tournament to win, losing will mean her death. But now that she's in it, she's lost her chance to turn away from the risk. 

Win or die, those are Cali's only options. 

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"Full of exciting and unexpected twists!"

-a Kindle  reviewer


All magic requires a sacrifice. 
This time, magic is asking too much.

Cali's newly won magic is wreaking havoc within her, taking control with its twisted power. Its source was from not one, but two murdered princesses, and though gone from this world, those princesses aren't giving up their power without a fight. 

This wasn't part of the deal. Cali is determined to break her bargain with Undine, to rid herself of their magic's taint. It's the only way to master this ability that's trying so desperately to master her instead. 

But going back on that sacrifice could mean Cali will lose everything she has given so much to gain.


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"Betrayal. Turmoil. Drama. Love. Loss. Death. Life. This series has everything I could wish for in an epic fantasy romance."

-a Goodreads  reviewer


Light will prevail but only if darkness doesn't first.

Undine has taken over Zara, readying the boy, Lucas, to be the kingdom's new ruler. But though Lucas now has power of his own, he's nothing more than a puppet in Undine's treacherous hands. The boy is the tool Undine needs to rewrite the rules of magic, a fate Cali knows will doom the world if the two of them succeed. 


She and Bae must stop Undine from her wicked plans, but taking the sea witch down could also mean harming Lucas, something they have no desire to do. He's innocent, a mere pawn in this awful game the witch is playing. 


Can they defeat the sea witch once and for all and save Lucas as well? 


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