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Free Novella!

The fate of their world hangs in the balance...

Jomeini Straylark must stay in hiding. As the granddaughter of Solomus Straylark, the famed—and despised—wizard who cast a spell ridding Itharians of their emotions fifty years before, Jomeini knows that if the truth about her identity leaks, those who still have a sliver of feeling will be ruthless and stop at nothing to use her for her ability to See into the future.


Too bad she's been hiding from the wrong people. 


When the most unlikely person imaginable kidnaps Jomeini, she loses her magic along with her freedom, but not her Sight. 

However, unbeknownst to her captor and herself, she's about to have a vision. She’s about to shed tears that will alter the future of her world.


This bonus novella is a companion to Chosen Warrior. Get a sneak peek behind the scenes of Talon, Shasa, and Jomeini's lives before Jomeini sheds the infamous tears that spearhead Ambry Csille on her journey to protect them!


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Read the story that started it all...

A Note About Piracy

This is just a friendly reminder than when you buy one of my books, download my books from Amazon or borrow one of my books through Kindle Unlimited, I get paid. 

The amount I make varies depending on which source you choose, but these are legal ways to acquire and read my books. I'm extremely grateful when you use one of these avenues! 

Piracy, or downloading my books for free off of a torrent site, is stealing from me, and it's illegal. 

I have several avenues where you can enjoy my books for free, including having them in Kindle Unlimited as well as offering the audiobooks for free on YouTube.

Writing a book takes a lot of work, time, and effort. I work extremely hard to create my stories. Your support by buying or accessing my books on the sites listed above is extremely important. Please do the right thing and honor the work that I do by compensating me through whichever method works best for you.


Thank you so much! 

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