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Money-Saving Guide to Self-Publishing

You may not think of self-publishing a book as starting a business, but it is. 

USA Today bestselling author Cortney Pearson gives tips and tricks in this comprehensive guide designed to help new and struggling authors navigate their way through some potentially expensive pitfalls many authors make on their writing journey.

Also included is access to her exclusive, 12-page business planner to help organize and budget an author's two most important resources:

Money and Time.

Written in an approachable manner that will make you feel as though you're chatting over lunch, Cortney confesses all in this detailed guide, determined to help indie authors avoid the expensive pitfalls and mistakes that held her back from finding success in the past.


"An awesome primer for all things self-publishing."

-A Kindle Reviewer

A panoramic guide to starting and running your self-publishing business. 

A Note About Piracy

This is just a friendly reminder than when you buy one of my books, download my books from Amazon or borrow one of my books through Kindle Unlimited, I get paid. 

The amount I make varies depending on which source you choose, but these are legal ways to acquire and read my books. I'm extremely grateful when you use one of these avenues! 

Piracy, or downloading my books for free off of a torrent site, is stealing from me, and it's illegal. 

Writing a book takes a lot of work, time, and effort. I work extremely hard to create my stories. Your support by buying or accessing my books on the sites listed above is extremely important. Please do the right thing and honor the work that I do by compensating me through whichever method works best for you. Thank you so much! 

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