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Editing Services

I am a USA Today bestselling author of fantasy romance under my name, and I also write clean/closed-door romance under Catelyn Meadows. During the last ten years, I have written and published over 30 books. I also have a degree in English Literature from BYU-Idaho where my studies focused on grammar and professional writing as well.

On a less stuffy side, I’ve worked with beta readers, writers, and editors of my own for years. I know what it takes to dig into a story that you’ve poured your heart and soul into, take parts that may not be working the way you want them to be, tweak and edit and really get the story into a shape that readers will love!


It takes work. It takes patience. It takes, as they say, a thick skin. And I’m excited to be there for you in whatever way you need me to for your editing journey!

Please Note:

I prefer to work with books that are PG or light PG-13-rated. Clean, sweet, closed-door—the terms seem to keep changing and can sometimes mean different things to different people, so I’ll get specific:

That means no sex on the page, minimal swearing, minimal/mild violence.


If your book has sex on the page, multiple uses of swearing, gory and graphic violence, rape, or erotica, we probably won’t be a good fit.

I work best with contemporary or paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and fantasy. I'm not the best fit for sci fi or horror either. ;)

Beta Read

I will read your novel and give you overall feedback, noting anything I feel that doesn’t make sense or that isn’t congruent with the rest of the story. I will point out general ways that the story can be improved, inconsistencies in the plot, with characters, and plot holes. This is not as in-depth as a developmental edit would be, but would just be overall feedback as to whether or not you’re on the right track!




Developmental Edit

I will read your novel with more of a focus on plot structure. I will catch plot holes and offer a detailed breakdown of how the plot can be adjusted to make each scene flow better. I will also help with character development, character arc suggestions, their goals and conflicts, and ways to strengthen them, make them more likeable, and really bring your story to life! I’ll also focus on setting, pacing, and any other gaps in the storyline. This is a more in-depth look at the novel’s overall structure and elements rather than just general feedback.



Copy Edit

I will focus more on sentence structure than plot. I will point out word inconsistencies and ways to tighten your sentences, eliminate redundancy, adjusting verbiage as necessary, as well as inconsistences in the story (ie, eye color, hair color, minor details that may not match up).



Proofread Edit

This is a basic, last step before you're ready to publish! I will focus more on grammar and catch any minor, lingering issues I might notice with the manuscript.



Get in Touch

I’m excited to help make your story shine! To check availability, please email me at

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