The Stolen Tears Series

Join Ambry Csille in her quest to rescue a stolen vial of tears containing the most powerful magic ever shed. Ambry makes deals with sirens, plunges deep into love with a mysterious warrior before knowing the secrets of his past (including the very reasons she can't be with him), and fights off soldiers who wield claws that can suck the very magic from her bones.

"Totally original. Like nothing I've ever read before!" -an Amazon reviewer

Such a Secret Place, Book One

Nobody cries in Itharia.

In fact, nobody feels anything when their magic awakens.

Except Ambry. Ambry never developed powers ... and she feels everything.

In Itharia, tears are a rare commodity, the kind of substance only found on the black market; so precious people will kill to obtain them. When Ambry stumbles upon a vial of enchanted tears, she finds herself the target of the tyrannical Arcaian army. Handsome, battle-scarred Talon Haraway also seeks the tears for his own personal vengeance. In a world where no one feels, who can she trust?

The tears may be the only way Ambry can save her suffering people from the Arcaians. But if they fall into the wrong hands, the whole world could be in peril... 

With bold twists, a riveting world of magic-powered technology, and a slow-sizzle romance, find out why readers are calling Such a Secret Place “totally original!”

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Such a Daring Endeavor, Book Two

Sometimes the truth is just a dream away.

Talon Haraway has been captured by the brutal Arcaian army, and Ambry knows she's the only one who can save him.

But first, she has to face her once-best friend, Gwynn Hawkes. Gwynn has changed since she drank enchanted tears. She has sided with the Arcaians and will stop at nothing to get her hands on the tears Ambry is protecting.

To stop Gwynn, Ambry must journey into the world of dreams, which holds dangers beyond her wildest imagination. If she isn't careful, she may never wake up...

Alluring and dangerous, SUCH A DARING ENDEAVOR will beckon readers to join Ambry, Ren, Shasa, and Talon in their fight against Arcaia.

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Such a Dangerous Game, Book Three

Their fate is in the cards.

The Feihrian army is approaching Valadir, and Ambry knows Talon must soon face his people and pay retribution for the mistakes of his past.

Ambry is also desperate for answers about her true heritage. The cards presented to her by the Seer, Jomeini Straylark, offer little in the way of answers, until Ambry discovers they aren’t just cards that divine her future. They’re part of a game, a long lost access point in gaining command over an angelic army, one powerful enough to wipe out an entire race. 

The rules of the game aren’t entirely clear, but this much is known: One of each race must be present. Hearts must break. Blood must spill. And if the game isn't played right, Ambry, Talon, Shasa, Ren, and Jomeini will lose everything they hold dear.

Hearts clash, worlds collide, and even the best intentions go wrong in this heart-pumping final installment in USA Today bestselling author Cortney Pearson’s Stolen Tears series.

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Such a Clever Deception, A Stolen Tears Prequel

Only your allegiance matters.
Talon Haraway's place as leader of the Arcaian army is secure. He's settled into command, he trains the new recruits with confidence, and he has free reign of the Triad Palace, all while catching the eye of the pretty kitchen maid, Aria. Better still, the requirement of all soldiers—to steal magic from the emotionally deprived Itharians—is one that Talon has tactfully been able to avoid.

Until now.

When a new set of recruits arrives in Valadir, the last thing Talon expects is to have one of them redefine what he always thought he wanted. Now with pressure from his Arcaian general and surrogate father, Tyrus Blinnsdale, to steal magic, to truly prove he is one of them, Talon must decide who he wants to be and where his loyalty lies before it’s too late.

Brimming with conflict, romance, and intrigue, don't miss this riveting prequel novella from USA Today bestselling author Cortney Pearson's Stolen Tears Series.

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