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Nonfiction Books

    For improving your craft:

The Fire in Fiction by Donald Maas

    For newsletter building and management:

Newsletter Ninja by Tammi Labrecque

    For blurb writing:

Mastering Amazon Descriptions  by Brian Meeks

WritingKiller Cover Copy  by Elana Johnson

    For plotting:

Take Off Your Pants  by Libbie Hawker

Romancing the Beat: How to WriteKissing Books  by Gwen Hayes

Save the Cat  by Blake Snyder though I will admit, I’ve never actually read the book! I’ve attended workshops and learned how to plot based on this book’s wisdom on plotting.

    For marketing:

Anything by Chris Fox, including Writeto Market, 5,000 Words Per Hour, and Six-Figure Author


The Roadmap to Writing Success – Author Grow, with Rebecca Hamilton. She offers numerous courses that touch on various topics, from plotting a series, social media, releasing books on a budget, to marketing. I’ve taken several and have found value in every single one. This is a free introductory course to see what she has to offer.

Free Amazon Book Advertising CourseKindleprenuer, with Dave Chesson. This online resource is fantastic, and better yet, it’s completely free! It’s a great introduction into what Amazon ads entail and how to get started when you don’t have a clue what you’re doing.

Self-Publishing Formula, by Mark Dawson. He covers every advertising venue available, from Facebook, to Bookbub, to Amazon Marketing System, to even using YouTube and Pinterest. Mark’s courses are phenomenal. His are all pre-recorded, so you watch him step-by-step do the suggestions he’s instructing. He also offers a Self-Publishing 101 course. If you want nitty gritties on how to self-publish, this is the one. It would be a good place for a beginner author looking for some guidelines to start.

*The link I shared above is actually for free ebooks from Mark. He also includes access to free instructional videos so you can see if that’s something you’d like to invest in.


Look these up based on where you’re located, but if you can attend a writer’s conference, do it. The atmosphere is completely refueling. Many authors attend conferences feeling lost, glum, or dejected, and by the time the conference is over, those same authors have their batteries recharged and leave with a new direction in mind of what the next best step for their books and their book business should be.

Not only do you attend some truly worthwhile classes and panels, but you’re rubbing elbows with other authors and can make lifelong friends, meet beta readers, and join in on publishing opportunities you may not have found otherwise.

**The best thing about this, lately, is that thanks to Covid-19, many writer's conferences are available to be streamed online. So one you may not have been able to attend before can be more accessible now! 

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