PHOBIC - The Forbidden Doors #1

Resistance is no longer an option. 

My house has a secret. A secret kept behind a closed door. A secret that led my mom to commit murder.

Lately, the same secret has begun plaguing me. Voices ring out in the night. Visions appear of people dressed in sweeping ball gowns and elegant top hats, of quiet servants trapped in their love for each other, unable to be together because of their master’s obsessive, cruel control—it all leads back to my mom. Something terrifying happened, something my mom discovered. And the worst part is, I don’t think it’s over yet. 

My brother warns me not to open the door--even my best friend, Todd, tells me to ignore this impulse. But I'm tired of ghosts and secrets and lies. All along the answers have been at my fingertips, at the mere turn of a knob. All I have to do is open it. 

I mean, seriously, would you be able to resist?

Hauntingly beautiful and daringly mysterious, if you like intrigue, the newness of first love, and the paranormal twist of the unexpected--all mixed in with a dash of spooky--then open the door to Cortney Pearson's Phobic today.

"Deliciously creepy!" -an Amazon reviewer
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Intrinsic - The Forbidden Doors #2

Some boys are better left unkissed. Some books shouldn’t be read. And some doors should remain closed.

The bookstore where I work harkens back to another time—one of flapper dresses and cloche hats, of walking canes and tailored suits, and of boys with impeccable manners and ice-blue eyes. Boys like my coworker, Nikolay.

But the store also holds secrets—a formidable door missing its knob, a mystery bound in magic books, and the haunted look in Nikolay’s eyes. And there are crows that follow me home. Crows only I can see.

I can’t tell whether the crows are a threat or a warning. But one thing is certain, I’m in too deep to walk away. There is something behind that door in the bookstore. And it’s the key to getting the crows to stop, before they turn into something far more sinister.

Intrinsic is a mystical venture through ink and time, deliciously eerie, with enough angst, enigmas, and romantic charge to make your nails bite into your palms. Don't miss this captivating, standalone companion to Cortney Pearson's Phobic.

It was completely captivating to me and I could not put it down!

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Cryptic: A Forbidden Doors Prequel

Ada Havens knows better than to walk down any dark alleys. The night she witnesses a murder-committed by Augustus Garrett, proprietor of Shady Heights-she finds herself deeper in Mr. Garrett's secrets than she ever wished to be.

After being forced to serve as Garrett's kitchen maid, Ada and the handsome stable boy, Thomas Gates, begin to plot their escape, to find a life free from the darkness surrounding their master.

But Mr. Garrett has plans of his own, and Ada's departure isn't part of them.

Cryptic can be found exclusively in The Forbidden Doors Box Set.

The Forbidden Doors Box Set

 Mystery lurks behind the doors. All they have to do is open them.

Read the entire Forbidden Doors Series in one place! Cryptic, the prequel to the series, is exclusive to the boxed set and can't be read anywhere else! 

If you like tantalizing mystery and romances blending between the long past and the ever present, then open the door to USA Today bestselling author Cortney Pearson’s Forbidden Doors Series. 

You'll be hooked, because everyone loves a good secret.

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