Series Rebrand!

This was *such* a hard decision. 

I adored my old covers. 

But I wanted something that fit a little better in the genre. I also wanted titles that gave a better indication of what the stories were about. 

And so I'm pleased to announce that The Stolen Tears Series has a NEW LOOK! 

New Covers. New Titles. Same Epic Stories. 

The redesign was done by Bewitching Book Covers by Rebecca Frank. She did an impeccable job of staying true to the magical objects on the previous covers while adding kick-butt renditions of Ambry and Talon. 

I love the new look so much! 

When I find a vial of enchanted tears, it paints a target. Now, the ruthless Arcaian soldiers are after me. The tears have chosen me as their guardian, and I've got to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. If I fail, my people and their magic will be enslaved to the Arcaians forever.

I still have copies of the old covers, so if you'd like signed paperbacks, let me know! 

What do you think of the new covers? 


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