Writing Updates!

 Happy New Year, everyone! 

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I am so excited for my projects coming up in 2021. I have my year planned out, so we'll see how much of it actually goes according to plan. HA! 

For my Cortney Pearson name, I'm reworking Princess of Death. I love the book, but readers have said it's slow to pick up and I don't want that at all! So I've redone the opening and added some new scenes. I'll be getting the edits back this week. WAHOO! 

This revamp is also in preparation to release book three in the series. Servant of Magic is coming out in August. It's almost ready for edits at around 65k words. I have several scenes that need more fleshing out but this book is going to be delicious when it's done. I'm excited to do a cover reveal in a few months! 

I'm also going to be releasing my first ever non-fiction title, Money-Saving Guide to Self-Publishing. I've gotten some excellent feedback on the book from readers and am so excited to have it out there to help new authors who are just starting out.

For my Catelyn Meadows clean romance pen name, I am currently working on my spring releases. I have two books coming out this spring and they're going to be beautiful and swoony. I'm trying to push myself as an author, to perfect my craft and make books readers can't put down. :D 

So excited for 2021 and to see what this year brings! 


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