Snowed In Release Party and Giveaway!

So last year during December, I took my car through a car wash. 

I was jamming out to Christmas tunes. 

And an idea struck. What if there was a magical radio from Santa Claus himself that made whatever the listeners hearing come true? 

THEN! I got the idea for "Snowed in at the Cottage." For a whole series of books, actually, where people staying at an inn for Christmas hear Santa's radio play and it starts to wreak havoc on their love lives and acts as a matchmaker! 

A musical, matchmaking radio? YES PLEASE. 

I'm so excited to announce this new book, written under my pen name, coming out Monday, November 9, 2020.  

And I'm even more excited to be hosting a giveaway event on Goodreads. 

You can enter to win one of TWO autographed copies of the book OR a $10 Amazon gift card! So please, come join in on the fun and enter to win! 

Click here to join the giveaway event! 


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