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Happy 2020! This year, one of the goals I've set is to be more involved in my social media posts. I'm going to pick up blogging again, as well as posting more frequently in general.

So this post is my kick-off! I want to remind you who I am!

My name is Cortney Pearson. I'm a USA Today bestselling author of young adult fantasy. I have nine books published, with about twenty more stored away in my head.

I homeschool my four littles--though my oldest is twelve and not so little anymore! Homeschooling is an adventure I never intended on taking, but have been guided to, only to discover how much I LOVE IT. I love that time with my kids; I love learning with them. I love planning their curriculum and feeling the satisfaction of a discussion prompted by things we might not have discussed otherwise.

One of my favorite things to do is to read. I don't have time to just sit and enjoy a book anymore, though, so Audible is MY FRIEND. I love listening to books, to gospel self-help books that encourage me to connect with God and develop spiritually, to fantastic fantasy (right now I'm listening to Nancy Campbell Allen's steampunk fairy tales and loving them!), to regency romance like Julie Klassen and Josi S. Kilpack. Another favorite series is the Fallen Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes and the Caraval series by Stephanie Garber.

I'm also a musician! I play clarinet in our local community orchestra, though it's becoming harder to do as my kids are getting older and as my responsibilities are building. I'd like to keep playing, but we'll see how things go.

Catelyn Meadows is my pen name for my other passion--clean romance! I have a series of billionaire fairy tale retellings that I'm finishing up this year, and am stoked to scribble out all the other ideas bouncing around in my brain right now.

So that's me, Cortney, nut-shell version. 

In all of my planning for publication this year, I also realized something--

I've been doing this writing thing for a loooooong time.

I've been published since 2014, but I've been writing much longer. I started writing serious in 2007 when my first son was born and when Twilight was all the rage. I dove straight in, going to conference after conference, reading book after book, learning and changing and growing.

This year, I want to share what I've learned. I've developed a series of blog posts that I can't WAIT to get started on! It might be a big task, to post every week, but it's my goal.

So keep an eye out for Cortney's Writing Tips and Tricks! I'm planning on posting a new how-to every Thursday!

I hope you'll join me. Subscribe to this blog. Check out my social media links at the top. Let's navigate this writing journey together.


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