Behind the Scenes: My Writing Space

My writing cave has undergone a major transformation.

When my husband and I first bought this house, the walls in this room were dark brown (paneling. Way to go, seventies). The carpet was a shocking orange that would make Ron Weasley proud. Even the shelves were an abysmal shade of brown that would make poop jealous.

We gave the room a makeover. Added a wainscoting beam to divide the walls, painted the top a gorgeous dreamy blue and a soothing gray on the bottom. Sewed curtains, painted the shelves white, put down some laminate flooring to replace the vomitous carpet and voila, the room is now one of my favorites in the house!

And it's my office!

I love having my own writing space! I've tried to fill it with things that make me happy, so  I thought I'd share a few of my favorite spots and how things are laid out when I'm scribbling away or sorting through business-type stuff.

My desk

I love my pink globe (pink is my FAVORITE color!) and this ABC plaque of Small (Mostly Free) Things To Be Thankful For.

(See the wainscoting and the blue/gray wall? ADORE.)

I'm a big Disney dork. I love it. I could go to Disneyland every day and die happy. My absolute FAVORITE Disney movie/princess is Sleeping Beauty, and my mom gave me this little Jim Shore beauty.

There's also a picture of my babies, a pencil case my son wove for me, and my teacups. I love vintage, timeless things, and these are perfection. Two I purchased, but two are actual antiques that belonged to my great-grandma! (Can you guess which two?)

Here's my lovely shelf where I stock paperback copies of my book babies, ready for the occasional signing or order. I have a display of my new Catelyn Meadows sweet romance author logo, along with my favorite of her books. Above those are the coloring pages I had designed by Jackie Sheats for two of my fantasy novels. (We'll be talking coloring pages in another post.)

Here's the rest of the shelf! I have notebooks containing book drafts, business-end papers, and see that lovely green bin? (Totally scored that at a garage sale!) It's filled with SWAG!

There you have it! I'll be going into more detail on my business-side of things (since I've slowly been getting that all figured out as well). But this is where I do my drafting, editing, and writing business!

Watch for my next How To Tip, coming this Thursday! Keep posted about it by following me on Instagram! <3

I'll also be doing a Facebook Live of my writing cave in my street team this Friday. If you're not already on board, hop over and join so you can see!

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