Once Upon a Billionaire

I'm pleased to present the first book in a new series of contemporary fairy tale romances from my pen name, Catelyn Meadows:

True love with a twist. 

These billionaire fairy tale retellings take beloved stories you know and add a pinch of modern, a dash of happy, and a whole heap of clean, swoon-worthy romance. Shaken, not stirred. You and your kindle will find yourselves drinking them up.

Book one is coming September 12, 2019! Here is the cover for Goldie and the Billionaire Bear:

Of the women he's dated, she isn't too picky or too critical. For Adrian, Goldie fits him just right.

Goldie Bybanks is terrible at following directions.

After a mysterious letter arrives from a long-lost aunt, Goldie sets out to find answers in a part of the country she’s never been to before. But one wrong turn leads to another. Her car is running out of gas. The sun is setting. There isn’t a town in sight, much less a hotel. Before digging herself too deeply into this mysterious area, she decides to stop for the night at an abandoned cabin.

Adrian Bear is shocked to discover a beautiful blonde sleeping in his family fishing cabin. His weekend plans to locate his late father’s missing lock box quickly veer into an attempt to help Goldie find her long-lost aunt instead.

It isn’t only because Adrian is the type to aid a person in need. But because the woman who ate his oatmeal, sat in his chair, and who he discovered sleeping at his cabin is too captivating to let go. She’s no catch-and-release. She’s a keeper. 

If only he could convince her of that. 

Find Goldie and the Billionaire Bear here! 

This is Goldilocks like you've never read it before! It's romantic and charming and funny. I recently got it back from my beta reader and she said she couldn't put it down!

Credit for the cover design goes to Najla Qamber. I've worked with Najla for years and she's never failed to disappoint. Her designs are always spot on, she does an incredible job, and this series is no different! Check out this gif Najla designed for me!

Currently the series will have 9 books. Eeeep, I can't WAIT for them all to be ready!!

In the meantime, preorder Goldie and the Billionaire Bear for 99 cents! 


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