Such a Dangerous Game Release Day!

The Stolen Tears series is COMPLETE! 

I'm so excited to have this series finished. I love that everyone can know how Talon and Ambry's story ends.

This has been an adventure, that's for sure. I've learned so much from writing this series and I'm so so SO PROUD of how it has turned out.

I love the covers -- credit goes to the ever amazing Rebecca Frank of Bewitching Book Covers. Everything she does GLITTERS. 

Credit goes to Charity West, editor extraordinaire. Charity helped make this series what it is now. She not only helped with the plot of EVERY SINGLE BOOK, but was also incredibly helpful with brainstorming when I got stumped. She is in a word, invaluable. 

To beta readers and friends who've helped me along the way. Elizabeth Briggs, Morgan Shamy, Anne Pfeffer (who was incredibly enthusiastic about this story from the start!), you all read the first book's manuscript more times than I can count and helped SO MUCH. Ryan Dalton helped me envision the first book as an entire series and not just a standalone. Danette Hansen, your thoughts helped immensely too. A writer can't make it without the help of others. And I am so grateful for those who helped me along the way. I wouldn't be where I am without these people. 

L. C. Ireland, your help made the blurbs gorgeous.

Amber Argyle, the queen of awesomeness and support. Amber knows all the answers, you guys. She is such a great friend, there for phone call chats and commiseration, for support and writing retreats and carpooling and birthday shopping and help with Amazon ads. I want to be like you.

To my family for support and help and for putting up with eating cereal frequently.

And always, always, always, gratitude to my Heavenly Father for talents and blessings. And for answers to prayer.

Here's the spiel:

Their fate is in the cards.
Talon has betrayed his people. Now he must atone for his broken oaths and marry a woman he doesn’t love, or face banishment forever. 

Ambry is the last of a lost race that possesses all traits of magic. Desperate for details about her true heritage, she turns to the cards presented to her by the Seer, Jomeini Straylark. They offer little in the way of answers, until Ambry discovers they aren’t just cards that divine her future. They’re part of a game of destiny, a long lost access point in gaining command over an angelic army, one powerful enough to wipe out an entire race. 

If Ambry and Talon want any hope of stopping the Arcaians, of freeing their people trapped in gemstone and releasing their magic, they must play their hand in the game. Hearts must break. Blood must spill. And if the game isn’t played right, they could lose everything they hold dear.

Emotions clash, worlds collide, and even the best intentions go wrong in this heart-pumping final installment in USA Today bestselling author Cortney Pearson’s Stolen Tears series. 

And the best part is...

You can get the WHOLE SERIES for 99 cents each! That's less than FIVE DOLLARS for all the books! 

Such a Secret Place (Book One): 99 cents
Such a Daring Endeavor (Book Two): $2.99
Such a Dangerous Game (Book Three): 99 cents
Such a Clever Deception (Prequel Novella): 99 cents

I hope you like the series. Recently a reviewer said it was their favorite story. *sigh*

Thanks for joining me on this journey! <3


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