The Forbidden Doors Box Set is ON SALE!

Two different heroines.
Two different doors.
One deadly secret.

When Piper Crenshaw opens a forbidden door in her house, she launches into a secret the previous residents of her house tried far too hard to keep hidden. Piper suspects it has something to do with her own secret--the murder her mother committed--but either way, she must figure out how the dark and dangerous events of the past tie into hers in the present, before she becomes a part of her house for good.

Piper’s neighbor, Everly James, discovers a similar door while working in a vintage bookstore downtown. The details of the past Piper discovers are inexplicably connected to Everly and the enigmas surrounding her intriguing coworker, Nikolay. Together, they must unravel that connection before death becomes a final doorway neither of them wants to enter through. 

Fans of ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD and BEAUTIFUL CREATURES will be hooked by The Forbidden Doors series because everyone loves a good secret.

99 cents only! (Regularly $6.99)

This series has one of my favorite books I've written. If you haven't read Intrinsic yet, and you love antique bookstores, elegant glimpses into the past, and delicious romance, you are MISSING OUT. Plus, you can get THREE books for 99 cents!

It's also FREE in Kindle Unlimited! Grab it on Amazon here! 

The boxed set is also the ONLY place you can read CRYPTIC, the prequel novella about Piper's house in its original state in 1865 and dive into the forbidden romance between two servants that started it all!

I hope you'll grab a copy. Feel free to tell me what you think! <3


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