Paperback Sale!

I've been busily in the process of re-editing Such a Secret Place. While the book had so much awesome to start with, it just needed some TLC!
I've tweaked the prologue and tightened much of the world-building, to make the story that much stronger!
I'm so happy with the way it has turned out, and getting ready to re-release it when it's no longer in the Wrath and Ruin boxed set, probably toward the end of April. (Which is when I'll also be spilling the beans about book three, SUCH A DANGEROUS GAME. EEEEP!!!!)
And in preparation for that event, I'm having a sale!

Original Cover!

I have a few copies of the book in its original edition. You can get them for FREE - you just pay $3 for shipping.
(US Only. I'm sorry these aren't open internationally, unless the recipient is willing to pay for the difference in shipping costs.)

Shiny New Cover - Original Story!

I also have copies of the second edition: the new, stellar, magical cover and formatting, with the original story!
These are just $5 plus $3 shipping. (US Only)

Click the link below to enter your information and get your copy!!

To order yours, follow this link:



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