New Release for a New Year

2018 is the year! While I made some definite improvements last year, I'm wanting to step things up with my writing. My goal is to really crush it! Goals! Huzzah!

I'm starting things out by releasing The Perilous In-Between in February, the first book in The Chuzzlewit Chronicles.

It's about:

-courageous female pilots in battle corsets <--yes, battle corsets. LOVE IT.

-a demonic device rising from the sea

-a fabulous shock of romance

One reviewer called it:

 "a glorious romp in a steampunk, fantastical Victorian world." 

I adore this series and am currently writing book 2. If you love romantic, Victorian fantasy in the vein of The Paper Magician and Cassandra Clare's Infernal Devices series, please follow this link to be added to--not just A list--but THE list:


This swanky, exclusively exclusive list will get you firsthand dibs on the $0.99 link when the book comes up for preorder. Which will be ANY DAY.

*It's not a newsletter list, so I will only be messaging you when the preorder becomes live.

**If you'd prefer to be messaged in February when the book releases, no problem! Just let me know.

Feel free to share this post, so I can reach as many readers as I can. You guys are THE BEST. Swanky! <--just discovered that word, and I have to say, me likey.

ALSO! Don't miss out on this #GIVEAWAY! If you haven't read Etiquette and Espionage, you'll want to. Sophronia is a great character, and the book is HILARIOUS. 



arron said...

So nice article, glad to read this post, thanks so much!


Baby Epoch said...

Good article,The Chuilous In-Between a very good book!

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