Hey, everyone! I hope you're all enjoying this winter season (whether you live in places where it's actually "wintery" or not!). We've had oodles of snow (fun!) and some flooding in our basement (not so fun). And I'm busy homeschooling my boys and writing books.

Here's What's New!

Intrinsic is done at 82k words. It's with some betas right now and will be going to my editor in February. My Forbidden Doors series has shiny  new covers that are hauntingly beautiful and I'm DYING to show everyone.

What's the hold up with the covers, you ask? I'm getting some gorgeous formatting done for Phobic to match the cover and am just eager for my designer to finish. Once it's all sparkly and done, you'll see the beauty, my friends. Gaaaaah, I can't wait.

For fun, here is the back of my postcard. This will give you an idea of the feel of the series' new look!

If you want to see the covers before everyone else, be sure to get in my exclusive Facebook group, Cortney's Classy Readers!

More Cool Stuff

I started a YA steampunk/fantasy when I was pregnant with my now-four-year-old. I've been whittling away at it here and there for years.

It's called The Perilous In-Between. Here's the blurb:

Even the sky has secrets.

Victoria Digby’s life in Chuzzlewit is picturesque. Ideal. Born to a good family, she’s also the star pilot in the Aviatory’s Protection Program, one of twelve young ladies assigned to protect their town from the Kreak—a deadly, mechanical creature residing in the nearby ocean.

Enter Graham Birkley, a peculiar boy claiming to be from a strange place Victoria has never heard of. Graham enlists her help looking for a lost friend, a man no one in town has ever heard of either. The more she gets to know Graham, the more she not only loses her heart, but also all sense of security about the life she thought she loved. Graham knows secrets about people, things he couldn’t possibly know, including a secret about Victoria that she has yet to uncover.

Mostly, Graham knows what the sky is hiding. And when he tells her the truth, getting rid of the Kreak is no longer Victoria’s biggest problem.

Getting out of Chuzzlewit is.

Stolen Tears Book Three

Final update (for now!): I've had many people ask when book three -- currently titled Such a Beautiful Promise -- is coming out. I want you to know I'm busy working on it as well. I can't stick to one series the way a lot of other authors can. I jump around between stories--it's almost like my mind needs a break. But I heard even Brandon Sanderson is this way, that it helps his creative juices to switch projects, and that's totally how I am!

That's one reason why the next Forbidden Doors book is coming out two years after the first one, ha ha.

That's one reason why I have three other FINISHED novels in my computer right now (one of them being The Perilous In-Between). I have to switch around to keep things fresh. So please know I am working on the third tears book and here are some juicy hints about it:

Talon and Ambry go to Feihria. 

There is a war. 

There is a ceremony. (A ritual? A wedding? Between whom? I'll leave it to your imagination. *taps fingers together*)

And there you have it! That's what's going on with me. Peace out and make it an awesome day!


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