Old Buildings and Inspiration

I love this time of year! To me, fall is smoke and cinnamon, Pumpkin-flavored everything is everywhere. Scarves feel like a permanent hug, and leaves are starting to speckle my yard outside.


It also means time for creepy things, and I've been feeling the vibe to finish the sequel in my YA paranormal romance, The Forbidden Doors series, INTRINSIC.

Inspiration struck when we went to visit a small town called Albion. It's the kind of town where time is frozen. Where you feel like you're going back years along with the miles on your way to it. At the onset of Albion is an old college campus that was once the Albion State Normal School, a training ground for teachers, from what I understand.

 It closed in 1951 due to a lack of funding and attendance, and the buildings are still there today. And lucky me, my dad bumped into the owner of these buildings (that are currently used for spook alleys during Halloween , and one is even an event center used for weddings and family reunions and that kind of thing), and the owner let us browse one of the abandoned buildings!

This one:

The halls were completely pitch black on the basement floor where we started. We found our way around via handy dandy cell phone flashlights and got glimpses of the heavy vandalism inside, the threatening and other phrases spray-painted on the walls, even an old boiler was still there! One of my favorite sights were the random fireplaces in classrooms and this old frame, devoid of its blackboard, and the desks still surrounding it:

It was definitely fodder for some creepy writing!

So INTRINSIC is coming along, complete with a mysterious bookstore, haunted movie theater, and abandoned college campus! I'm almost at 60k words and loving it even more than PHOBIC, because I wanted this one to be even more of a love story. And it is turning out to be all kinds of swoony. <3

Ready for an excerpt?

The darkness passes, and his lips press into a kind smile. He offers me the book I didn’t realize he was holding. “For you.”
Okay, pulse, you can slow down. Anytime now.
“What’s this?”
Nikolay shrugs. “I noticed your interest in the marbleized books my father and I make. I want you to have this one. You can use it to write your private thoughts in, if you’d like.”
Hearing the word ‘private’ on his lips makes me feel like we’re behind closed doors though exposed on this upper balcony. Suddenly, he’s all there is and I can tell him anything I’d ever write in here.
I take the smooth book from him, hardly believing it. “I thought you didn’t sell these.”
His mouth crooks upward just enough. “We don’t.”
The book releases a satisfying crack as the binding is broken for the first time. The beautiful, swirling designs on the inside of the cover send a completely different set of chills over me. My fingers trace over the heavy texture of the pages, lapping up the thickness of them.
“It’s almost criminal to write in something like this.”

He leans in. “Not if you make what you write matter.”

What do you think of Albion's abandoned campus? If anyone is looking for some great spook alley action this Halloween (and lives in Idaho!), be sure to make the trip and check it out!!!


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