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This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the Boise Book Fest with my pal and fellow writer, Amber Argyle. We had such a great time connecting with other authors! I know so many writers who live in Utah, but it was great to connect with some who live in my very own Gem State.

Here we are listening to the Keynote speaker, Rachel Van Dyken.

Rachel Van Dyken was the keynote speaker of awesomeness. She was full of energy and had some excellent suggestions on how to boost your motivation and get your book business going. My favorite suggestion?

Look at things as a reader, not just an author. 

This is true in so many cases! So often I fret over what to post that I end up not posting anything at all! But as a reader, I love connecting with authors of my favorite books. I love stalking them and seeing their posts. Julie Klassen has a whole page of research and where the inspiration for her books came from on her website, and I loved tapping back in with details from her books.

Rachel also said another phrase that I love, and it applies not just in writing, but in everything:

Failure is how you have your greatest successes. 

I also loved one of Rachel's other ideas. I've seen a few other authors do this as well, and I just love the idea! I only send out newsletters once a month, at the most (although in October it will come twice). But there are times when I'm writing or making a teaser or something and I think, "I'd love to share this with my newsletter friends!" But I don't want to inundate people with emails.

So, ta dum! I've started a private Facebook group!

It is going to be a snazzy, exclusive place readers can come connect with me, can see insider info on inspiration for stories and writing tips. I'll post teasers and excerpts you can't read anywhere else, we may even do some giveaways!


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