Cortney's Classy Readers

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the Boise Book Fest with my pal and fellow writer, Amber Argyle. We had such a great time connecting with other authors! I know so many writers who live in Utah, but it was great to connect with some who live in my very own Gem State.

Here we are listening to the Keynote speaker, Rachel Van Dyken.

Rachel Van Dyken was the keynote speaker of awesomeness. She was full of energy and had some excellent suggestions on how to boost your motivation and get your book business going. My favorite suggestion?

Old Buildings and Inspiration

I love this time of year! To me, fall is smoke and cinnamon, Pumpkin-flavored everything is everywhere. Scarves feel like a permanent hug, and leaves are starting to speckle my yard outside.


It also means time for creepy things, and I've been feeling the vibe to finish the sequel in my YA paranormal romance, The Forbidden Doors series, INTRINSIC.

Inspiration struck when we went to visit a small town called Albion. It's the kind of town where time is frozen. Where you feel like you're going back years along with the miles on your way to it. At the onset of Albion is an old college campus that was once the Albion State Normal School, a training ground for teachers, from what I understand.
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