Such A Daring Endeavor Cover Reveal!

Book two in the Stolen Tears series is coming June 23, 2016 and I'm pleased to reveal the cover for

Such a Daring Endeavor!

What is done can't always be undone...

Now that Talon Haraway has been taken captive by the Arcaians, Ambry knows it’s only a matter of time before he is executed. But to make matters worse, she must go against her best-friend-turned-worst enemy to free him. Whether Ambry likes it or not, drinking those tears changed Gwynn. Not only is she subjecting her kinsmen's magic, but with Tyrus preoccupied with his upcoming war, Gwynn is acting more and more in Tyrus’s stead, giving commands and leading skirmishes.

Along the way, Ambry is met with the very instigator who shed her tears, the maiden wizard, Jomeini Straylark. Ambry hopes Jomeini holds the answers she seeks about her magic, her emotions, her quest to free the Itharian people from Tyrus’s tyrannical rule. Unfortunately, Jomeini’s mind seems to be unraveling the longer she is held captive. 

But Jomeini knows this much. Gwynn has been working on something, a contraption with disastrous consequences. While Ambry juggles with forbidden feelings for Talon, her desire to free her people’s magic, and the ever-growing need to protect the tears from being drunk, the solution to stopping Gwynn and Tyrus all boils down to one seemingly easy option—get through to her best friend. Too bad what seems easy, and what is, are two completely different things.

Don't miss the tantalizing first installment in the Stolen Tears series about a vial of enchanted tears and the only girl chosen to wield them, be sure to get it here!

A wizard's spell trapped them. Only her tears can set them free.


Leandra Wallace said...

So pretty!! I love that cursive font, gorgeous!

Kristin Smith said...

I love the new look of your website, Cortney!! And your cover is absolutely gorgeous! It goes so well with the others in the series!!

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