Her Moon and Other Updates

I decided very last-minute to publish a favorite story of mine. I told you before about the short story I wrote for an anthology of stories based on the works of Shakespeare, which I'm sad to see isn't getting very good reviews or much interest, because I LOVE MY STORY and the other stories are wonderful! I want to share it with people and let them read it and love it too!

So I decided to publish mine separately.

I found this beautiful premade cover thanks to Najla Qamber Designs (she's truly brilliant). And I decided to put it out there.

I also worked up a landing page for my blog (you may have noticed?) and even though this beauty is 99 cents on amazon, you can get it for FREE when you sign up for my newsletter! 

I've also been getting the final edits done on Such a Clever Deception which will be coming October 27, 2015. I put it up for preorder on Amazon, thinking I'd be able to price-match it for free from other sites only to find out that I can't set preorders for free. Alas. So if you want it for free, wait until it releases!

I'm also planning on revealing the cover for the sequel , Such a Daring Endeavor, within the next month, AND I got the cover design for the other prequel to the Stolen Tears series, Such a Terrible Price. I'm just--you guys, I'm so excited to get these out there! This series is so fun--I love to be in a world where emotions are slim-pickings and only a few actually feel them, where tears are magical, and where this romance just grips my heart as I write it.

<---- One vial of tears holds magc they've never known. And only one girl can wield it.

What's new with you? And be sure to get Her Moon for free by signing up!


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