Such a Clever Deception, Stolen Tears, Book 2

I'm pleased-happy-jazzed to present the cover to a prequel novella for my Stolen Tears series. Such a Secret Place is getting some raving reviews, and I loved being able to write Talon's story before he meets Ambry. So without the blab, here's the goods:

*knocks on the screen*

Excuse me? Hey, I'm down here!

I know, I get distracted by it too. Sometimes I just sit there and stare at him...I mean it. Ha! Kudos to Najla Qamber and her brilliance at creating cover masterpieces!

Here's the blurb:
Talon Haraway was born to be a leader. Strong, confident, and skilled, at seventeen he commands the Arcaian army without thought, expecting results and getting them. When a new set of recruits arrives in Valadir, the last thing Talon expects is to have one of them redefine what he always thought he wanted. Now with pressure from his Arcaian leader and surrogate father, Tyrus Blinnsdale, Talon must decide who he wants to be and where his loyalty lies before it’s too late.

The besty-best-best part about this release is that this prequel novella is going to be





That's right, you can read this saucy goodness and meet Talon for free, baby. I'm giddy with excitement.

Preorder this awesome FREEBIE so you get it THE DAY IT COMES OUT!

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Kristin Smith said...

Yay!! Congrats on your prequel! As always, I LOVE the cover! Najla Qamber does such amazing covers. ;)

Emily R. King said...

Looks great, Cortney! Huge congrats!

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