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I saw this one on Broadway in New York and fell instantly in love with the story and especially, what else, the music.

The coolest thing was that, before the show started I went up to the pit while the musicians were warming up. I kept trying to wave to the clarinetists, but they were busy. One of the violinsts saw me, though, and I asked him to tap the clarinetist for me.

The clarinetist was so nice! I waved and told him I played the clarinet too...and he invited me to come backstage after the show! I was completely thrilled! He said to meet him by a certain exit, so I took a few friends and after the show, we met him there. 

He took us back to see the costumes, which were completely beautiful and so intricate. My friend Blake got to put on the Phantom's mask! And then we went down into the pit where I got to see his music and see where the magic happens, ha. And then we went up onto the stage and got to see the chandelier! I wish I'd taken pictures, but I think we weren't allowed to...

However, I did get this picture with the clarinetist when he walked us back out to the street. What a surreal experience, and one I absolutely loved!

I'm on the left, and the clarinetist is standing beside me!



Cherie Reich said...

I was obsessed with The Phantom of the Opera when I was in high school. I saw it on Broadway (sat in the second row) and just fell hard. I read the books and roleplayed online in its world.

Carrie Tripp said...

What an awesome experience, Cortney! I'm jealous!

Minion Carrie from Lauren's team dropping in to cheer you on!

Sarah Foster said...

That's an awesome experience! I've never seen Phantom live but I've been meaning to.

Dixie@dcrelief said...

Very exciting - lucky you.

djinnia said...

I received the highlight cd when I was 16 and have fangirl end since. One of my favorites to listen to and sing (horribly) as I walk. My absolute favorite songs are music of the night and wishing you were somehow here again.

Melanie Stanford said...

That's so cool! I love Phantom, in fact it plays a big part in my current WIP.

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