Aaaaaaaand here's the pretty!!!!!!

A wizard's spell trapped them. Only her tears can set them free.

This book has been a LOOOOONG time coming! I've written and re-written it, and then had betas read it, and then queried it and gotten requests and rejections, and then rewritten it some more and had more readers, more suggestions, and finally finally FINALLY it's ready. It's gone from being called TEARS to STOLEN TEARS to SUCH A SECRET PLACE and back to TEARS and then back again. It's magical and beautiful and just plain awesome, not to mention the angsty-melty romance between Ambry and Talon. *sighs*

Here's the blurbity-blurb-ness:

When sixteen-year-old Ambry Csille's brother gets taken in one of these raids, her utter fear and panic should be enough to invoke tears in any normal world. But for Ambry, tears are a thing of the past.

Because of a spell, people can no longer feel emotion; not enough to cry, and definitely not enough to defend themselves against the tyrannical soldiers stealing her people’s magic. A rare vial of enchanted tears chooses Ambry to reverse the spell, and soon she finds herself the target not only of the Arcaians, but of battle-scarred Talon Haraway, who wants the tears for his own reasons.

All Ambry wants is to rescue her brother, but when her tears get stolen, Ambry determines to work with Talon to get them back. Any day the Arcaians could drink her tears. Any day they’ll succeed at draining her people's magic completely, and all hope will be gone—not only for her brother, but for her world.

Najla Qamber once again did the design. I couldn't ask for a better or more talented designer. She's the shizazzle. Thanks, Naj!

I especially love the jar of enchanted tears Najla was able to whip up for the back ------>

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Ambry's dilemma is that while others in her country Torrent (get their magic) at age twelve, Ambry never Torrents. She's magicless. So we are going to play a round of Never Have I Ever.

In the comments below, mention something you've never done (let's keep it PG or PG-13 please!) One lucky commenter will win a calm jar that looks similar to the tears in my story!

I'll start: Never have I ever been ice skating. 

Thank thank thank you!!! Everyone. All the awesome people who've helped me, my gazillion beta readers, my pals Morgan, Liz, and especially Anne Pfeffer who had such passion and heart and encouragement for Ambry and her quest.

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Kristin Smith said...

Oh my goodness, Cortney! The cover is gorgeous!! And I absolutely love the premise! Congrats!!

Hmm, something I've never done...I've never been skydiving. :)

Emily R. King said...

So PRETTY! Love it!

Kayli said...

I'm excited to read your new book. I loved Phobic! I have never broken a bone. * knock on wood*

Lisa said...

Great cover, and sounds like a fun read! Good luck with your release!

Morgan said...

It's stunning, Cort… truly STUNNING… and the world you've created is SO beautiful… I LOVE this story and I'm so excited for it to be out there!!!!

Tanis said...

So excited!! I love reading your work!

Mrs. Gott said...

On FB I posted that I've never been skydiving, but I noticed your first commenter on here says he same thing! So... I'll admit that I've never done that whole romantic thing where you throw pebbles at someone's window to get their attention and hang out

Leandra Wallace said...

Gorgeous cover! And I do love that vial of tears on the back too. Sometimes it's the little things! =)

Cortney Pearson said...

I love these responses, guys! Thanks so much for entering!!!

<3 <3 <3

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