Announcey Announcement-ness!

Hello, all! I'm so excited to be moving forward with my YA Fantasy series, SUCH A SECRET PLACE. This series is magical and romantic and completely legendary awesomesauce.


In a world where a wizard’s spell has blocked emotions so people can’t cry, sixteen year old Ambry finds a rare jar of enchanted tears that can help her reverse the spell and keep the Arcaian soldiers from stealing her people’s magic.

I'd love your help spreading the word! If you have some spare bloggy space, here's the link to help announce the upcoming gorgeousness with Loving the Book Launch on February 25, 2015.

Thank you!!!!!!



Roland D. Yeomans said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and staying to chat. :-) I have a book coming out the 1st of this month. I will trade spotlights. How about that?

Rena said...

Awesome to see! I love the sound of your series! I'm such a fan of the romance and wizards and excitement. Absolutely hooked!

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