CHRISTMAS BASH!! Giveaway for FREE BOOKS and $10 Amazon Gift Card!

 photo 294942_orig.jpgHello, all!! I'm so excited to be part of a fabulous Christmas Bash on Talina Roma's blog. Come check out my interview to find out how I overcome writer's block, and what my favorite part of the holidays are.

And you won't want to miss out on this YUMMY CHRISTMAS RECIPE that my mom makes every year. Love these. Plus--healthy AND delicious...

The interview is HERE.

And along with the Bash, PHOBIC is also part of a giveaway with so many other fabulous authors. Check them out here, and enter to win each of our books for FREE along with a $10 Amazon gift card!!!

The giveaway is HERE.


1. K.K. Allen - Author of the Young Adult series The Summer Solstice

2. Cortney Pearson - Author of the Young Adult book Phobic

3. Jonathan Janz - Author of Young Adult horror series Savage Species

4. Bridie Hall - Author of Young Adult books My Summer Roommate & Letting Go 

5. Lesa Howard - Author of Young Adult book Phantom's Dance 

6. Trisha Leigh - Author of Young Adult series The Last Year & The Cavy Files 

7. Ted Galdi - Author of the Young Adult book Elixir

8. Katie Van Ark - Author of the Young Adult book The Boy Next Door 

9. Kenley Conrad - Author of Young Adult book Holly Hearts Hollywood 

10. Ruth Silver - Author of Young Adult series Royal Reaper & Orenda

11.  Alison Kemper - Author of Young Adult Dead series 

12. Tiana Warner - Author of Young Adult Ice Massacre 

Merry Christmas!



Weaver said...

Awesome. That's a lot of authors.

Emily R. King said...

Very cool, Cortney!

Morgan said...

Awesome! All so fabulous. Makes me feel all Christmas-y! :)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

12 authors for the 12 days of Christmas!

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