A Random Act of Kindness

Yesterday my heart was touched. This woman probably  had no idea I was watching her. But I was truly touched by her simple act of kindness.

Let me set the stage first.

I love the first snowfall of the year. (Here, play this song as you read. What can I say, I hardly ever make it until Thanksgiving before listening to Christmas music...)

It's been snowing. I love the way the snow hushes everything, how calm and peaceful, the muted beauty snow brings as it falls. And this was day 2 of that first snowfall. So things were a little grayer, a little slushy, wet and cold and messy. (But still beautiful.)

My husband just had back surgery, so I'm the runner, and this was the second time in two days I'd gone to the grocery store. Snow was falling thick and fluffy and fast, it was wet and cold, and I was rushing to get into the store. Happy to be shopping without my three kids.

As I hustled toward the store, a mom about my age with one son maybe 6 or 7 was walking out. And instead of acting harried and frantic to get to her car, her attention was on an older woman veering her cart through the wet toward a car in a handicap spot. I watched this young mom pause. Her son waited patiently by the cart. And then she changed direction, toward the older woman.

The snow was falling, wind was blowing, it was beyond cold. Her groceries were probably all getting soaked, but she wasn't thinking about getting to her own car as quickly as she could, (or like me, getting into the store as quickly as I could!). She stopped and asked, "Would you like some help?"

From inside the store I continued watching this mom help the older woman put her cart's contents into her trunk. And I was so deeply touched by this woman's example of kindness.

Maybe it was because I'd been jamming out to Josh Groban's version of "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" minutes beforehand. Maybe it's because with the Christmas season approaching, the spirit of Christ seems to saturate the air more so than at other times of the year. But I loved watching this mom set the example not only for her son, but for me. And I found myself asking, "Would I do the same?"

I've been thinking about this a lot with writing, as well. It's so easy to get caught up in our own work, our own stories. But that makes it that much more important to reach out to others as well, something I'm trying to do better at. I see so many acts of kindness around me. People sharing other's good book news, people cheering fellow writers on, offering words of comfort and encouragement when needed. So I just wanted to thank you all, for setting that good example for me. I tend to be a social media hermit. I like to lurk and see what others are posting. It's a bit of an effort to peel myself out of my hermit hole and participate, and it's something I'm not very good at, so that's a goal I have, to reach out more to others.

What about your, what random acts of kindness have you seen? Do you have any new goals, writing or otherwise?



Leandra Wallace said...

Thanks for sharing, Cortney! Sometimes we all need a reminder like this to stop and think more about others. So far we've only had flurries, but we're supposed to get two inches soon. I say bring it on! I'd be more happy if it was two feet. =) I'm going to attempt to finish a MG grade novel by the end of Christmas. Hope all is well w/you and your writing!

Emily R. King said...

That's so sweet. I love it when we catch people in the act of service, people who do it just because, not because they expect anything back. Puts me in the Christmasy mood too!

David P. King said...

I didn't know Josh did Midnight Clear. That's my favorite Christmas song! And thank you for sharing this story. Always be on the lookout to lend a hand. :)

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