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Last night I had the privilege of seeing The Piano Guys at BYU-Idaho.

What a terrific show! First off, I LOVE their music. I was constantly wowed throughout. Steve and Jon were hilarious, their banter was fun. Steve can do some impressive things with all those cellos of his, and Jon was equally amazing on the piano. At one point he even turned around and played UPSIDE DOWN.

Night. Made!

During Steve's solo set he asked how many kids in the audience were learning to play an instrument. Several clapped their hands in response, and he said something I loved. He mentioned how tedious it can be to start. And he encouraged them not to lose heart.

"It just gets better and better and better!" -Steven Sharp Nelson

Profound quote, I know. But seriously, it's so true! Keep going, don't give up! Not just with musical instruments, although the advice is vital in that arena. But with any skill a person is trying to master, including writing.

Granted, I've always loved to write, but the satisfaction I have from having learned so much and come so far just can't be beat.

On that note, I'm excited that PHOBIC is ON SALE!!!! It's only 99 cents through Halloween, so go check it out!

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!! And if you're looking for something just a little creepy but not *too* creepy, be sure to get PHOBIC while it's on sale!

"Phobic is a creepy, light horror, good for upper middle grade or YA readers like me who aren't crazy about Steven King-style horror, but who want to read something a little spooky around Halloween time."

-Lisa Cresswell, author of Hush Puppy and The Storyteller series


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Leandra Wallace said...

I love the bat bunting on your sale advertisement! And .99 cents is a steal. Hope it goes smashingly!

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