Every year I can never decide which holiday I like better--Halloween or Christmas.

When it's October it's Halloween.

And then December comes around and whaddya know, I like Christmas better, lol.

Bur right now, I'm LOVING Halloween. My house is decked out, skull-head lights dangling across our kitchen, pumpkins and other goodies elsewhere, and the kids and I are looking forward to dressing up!

In honor of the upcoming trick-or-treat, costume, spooky creepfest holiday, (and as part of Rachel Schieffelbein's release for her YA horror FLESH-EATING ZOMBIES AND EVIL EX-GIRLFRIENDS) several authors and I have all pooled our books in for a Halloween Giveaway!

Look at these lovelies!

One lucky winner will receive a signed paperback of Rachel's YA horror,
and an ebook of
BLACK HELLEBORE by Nicole Zoltack,
FATAL and BRUTAL by T.A. Brock,
MOONLESS by Crystal Collier,
AN ABSENCE OF LIGHT by Meradeth Houston,
and PHOBIC by ME.

Woot woot!! Sign up here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rachel also mentioned her book will be 99 cents until Halloween, so check it out!

(And speaking of Halloween sales, stay tuned for mine!)


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