Way. Too. Much. FUN.

I just got back from LDS Storymakers this past weekend, and what a BLAST! Riot! I learned so much, was reminded of so many things I'd forgotten, had my writer batteries recharged, and got to chat with and hang out with my wonderful writer friends in real life instead of in tiny-picture-mode.

Here's a few highlights!

I went down a day early and spent almost THE WHOLE TIME with this resplendent lady. I love her! Have you ever had an Anne of Green Gables bosom friend where you just click and mesh so well together? I would not be where I am in this without the bedazzling Morgan Shamy. Because texting a gazillion times a day isn't enough, it was so fun to just kick it and TALK to her. Hang out. Share hopes and fears and all that cheesy nonsense. :-p

 PLUS, I got to hang out and chill with all these lovelies! Seriously, how is it fair to have so many amazing friends? The workshops were great, but the best part was definitely being with other writers. Their energy, enthusiasm, their successes, their encouragement--so revitalizing. I love these people!! <3

<--------Me with Ilima Todd
Me with Leigh Covington. *coughs Abby*

With Jolene and Julia, with Angie. So many others too that I didn't get pics with! 
 Had so much fun rooming with these ladies, and learning about K-Pop from Jennie Bennett. :-p

Oh, and I got to meet him. Recognize him? It's ORSON SCOTT CARD. *cue freakout* Yeah, he totally signed my copy of Ender's Game. WOOT.

Also, I discovered that I *really really* want an iPad with a keyboard in the cover. So many people had those and they were completely compelling. Every time I saw one I swear it called to me. "Buy me. You know you want to."

Hooray for writer's conferences!



Sheena-kay Graham said...

I know so many of these ladies! Need a passport stat! Glad you had fun and meeting Orson is awesome. Wish I could have shown him my Enders Game 2 Petition.

Leandra Wallace said...

Yay for getting to meet friends in person! It looks like it was such a great time, glad you got to go and enjoyed yourself. =)

Leigh Covington said...

*coughs Abby* BAHAHAHA! Love it! And love you! I'm so jealous you got to see the fabulous Morgan. I just love that girl! It was awesome to see you, though!!!! You are fabulous, darling! Simply fabulous!

Stephanie Faris said...

I love the concept of an iPad with a keyboard, but I wonder if I'd use it except for conferences. Could I get one for my Kindle and just use it to take notes at conferences? I don't own an iPad, but I have a Kindle!

Angela Cothran said...

Wow those are some good looking people :) Storymakers was epic this year. People will be talking about OSC's key note for years! I loved getting to know you much better! Lets not be strangers.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Morgan. Is. Amazing. Such a big heart in such a tiny human package.

So jealous of all the fun!

Morgan said...

Okaaaay… these pics are ADORABLE… so much awesome here!!!! I'm so sad I didn't go to the conference, but hanging with you for that full day was SO FUN. I think we spoke for over 9 hours straight…. NINE. HOURS. With there never being a lull in the conversation, LOL!

You are a babe, Cort. And love all these ladies!

Suzi said...

I really want an iPad with a keyboard too. It'd be perfect for things like conferences.

Emily R. King said...

Wish I had been there. So glad you had fun!

Angela Cothran said...

I tagged you on my blog today, because you know...thats not annoying :)

Bellclaire said...
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