Audible, Anyone?

Anyone feel like this lately?

We've just bought a house -- cue, "YAY!!!!" -- and are going through the fun of remodeling and fixing up and painting. And I want it all done RIGHT NOW. And I have a book I'm revising that I want to have done RIGHT NOW. And I just got a new idea driving me with it's awesomeness to be written down, and I want to do it RIGHT NOW. And I'm trying to play and work with my kids and juggle all these different things RIGHT NOW.

Definitely learning some time management skills, as well as prioritizing things in order of importance! And patience!!

I also love to read. But with all the craziness I don't have time to just sit down and curl up with a good book. That's why my new favorite thing is -----

Hooha for recorded books! I can't even tell you how much I love listening to favorite stories. A lot of the readers do different voices for the characters (Hello, Jim Dale!) If you haven't heard the recorded versions of Harry Potter, I highly recommend them! I actually prefer to listen to them as opposed to simply reading it myself, because I love all the voices he does! He also reads The Night Circus, another HUGE favorite of mine. Talk about magical. And writer's envy, lol.

Right now I'm listening to a fun series about a woman named Amelia Peabody from the 1800's, who becomes an Egyptologist and has all of these mysteries and adventures with her very yummy and quirky husband Emerson and their too-funny son, Ramses. And the woman who narrates these stories nails the characters' voices to a T! It's so fun to listen to! Not to mention a great, on-going love story and fun facts about Egypt. I'm loving these books! If you're looking for awesome, well-done characters, great mysteries, and fun on-going and new romances, these are it! Here's the first one:

Listening to books definitely helps move the painting along, and makes my stir-craziness not quite so crazy. Have you tried the audible app or listened to recorded books? What's your favorite?

Oh and on a side note--the other thing I can't get enough of is this soundtrack. LOVE.


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Mark Koopmans said...

Have you tried the music website Spotify?

It rocks - much, much better than Pandora - and it's free, too :)

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