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I want to share a True Story of Backstabbing Evilness with you today and then pose a question, but first---
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As some of you might know, we've been getting ready to build a house. We've been planning and preparing for MONTHS!! And several months ago we found the Perfect Spot to build! And better yet--it belonged to our contractor. We offered to pay him for the land at the time, but he declined, ensuring us his word was good and that we could just include it in the cost of the house later on.

Months pass, we get our house plans designed, things in their proper place...

Then FINALLY it's time!!! Time to start digging, to begin building and finally have our own home. We met with the builder last week at the site and he and his wife were very friendly, very encouraging and helpful. The builder even put stakes in the ground at each corner where our house would be. Things should be good to go, right?


Two days later, the day before we were going to dig, my husband got a phone call from our builder saying he was considering another offer on the land. One that's twice as much as we had agreed on. Now, I can understand the appeal, but he'd already given us his word. Things were already in motion. Any person with decency would decline, right? Yeah. He backed out on us and took the other offer.

THEN we found out that it'd been SEVERAL DAYS since he decided to stab us in the back. He'd already sold the land, before he had the gall to meet with us to mark out OUR house. How sick is that? Why not just tell us the truth? Showing his true character and lack of integrity, he proceeded to tell us that the money was more important and that he basically didn't care that we're now back to square one again house-wise. Nice guy, huh?

Okay, now I'm not sharing this story for a pity party AT ALL!!!! We're actually seeing it as a blessing in disguise. Today hubby and I were talking it over with my in-laws, and my husband's aunt said:
"You should write about this in your next book."
Does that sound familiar to anyone? It seems like people say that to me a lot. In any case, here's my question:  How much of what you write is based on actual events in your life? The creepy basement in my YA Horror, PHOBIC (that I'm querying right now), was inspired by my great aunt's old house down in Utah. My great grandfather built the house himself and it was always like going back in time just stepping through the door. The basement was especially dark and super freaky. And some pretty scary supernatural happenings took place down there with my brother once.

So do you base things in your books on events that actually happen to you? I'd love to know!!



Suzi said...

Not really. I may pull in a small scene sometimes, but I haven't written a story based off something in my life.

That totally sucks about the house. And it sounds like he probably thought that could happen from the start. I've got a friend building a house right now and even when it goes okay, sometimes there are headaches along the way. I hope you guys find another lot and a terrific builder this next time.

FYI: love the new look!

ilima said...

LOVE the new look. And that's TERRIBLE news about the house. What a loser! Little things from my life end up in my books all the time, not necessarily huge events. My husband or daughter are the only ones that notice them, though, as they read it, haha.

Rena said...

I'm really sorry the contractor turned out to be a creep! I totally put my experiences into my books. Sometimes that works out, sometimes it doesn't (it's always hardest to cut the "real" stuff from them).

Good luck on the queries! I'll be joining you in the trenches soon.

Morgan said...

Oh gosh, Cort... that story seriously irks me!!!!! You poor guys and your house!!! Ugh. :/

Totally laughing at the quote at the bottom there. And I didn't know that about PHOBIC---so cool with your aunt's house! I want to visit it!

And I definitely *try* to incorporate my life into my books, because I think they'll translate better, but you know my writing--not much of it could ever be real! LOL.

Erin L. Funk said...

Oh my goodness, that's horrible about your house plans! It's unbelievable how little integrity some people have. I hope your building situation works out!

As far as working real life experiences into my stories, so far I haven't really done that, but I do include certain sentimental details.

Hope your writing is going well! :)

Anonymous said...

Hiya Hiya!
I absolutely LOVE your new blog!
It's simply adorable! Not that I didn't love your blog before.

I have those moments ALL the time where something happens and I'm just like. "Maybe I should write about it"
Since I'm still in High School, it's not a bad idea. Honestly all the great ideas come from Life Experiences and High School. In my opinion.

Keep writing!
I'm dying to have one of your books on my bookshelf and have it signed :)

Zucchini said...

Nice post, great blog, following :)

Good Luck :)

Leigh Covington said...

Oh my gosh! HORRIBLE! That is SO MESSED UP! So sorry for you guys to have to go through that.
But - on the up side, your new blog design is DARLING! I love it!

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