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Last week I went to see Snow White and the Huntsman with my super awesome pal who actually lives in the same town I do, and I felt completely invigorated! I've been a slug lately, sick with the newness of pregnancy and barely doing much of anything at all except lazing around on my couch or my bed while my kids watch way too many movies. :-p I know this part of the whole process will pass (and I can't wait for it to!), but I just wanted to give a shout out to all my bloggy internet friends.


You are so fabulous and supportive and have great posts and awesome attitudes. I hope all of your writing is going well, and I'm hoping to have more energy soon and to get back in the bloggy/writing swing of things again! I've been able to scribble a few words for a new WIP here and there, but most of the time even reading anything sends me to sleep, lol.

And I just want to add that Snow White and the Huntsman was much better than I expected it to be! Although, (SPOILER---KIND OF) there was no great kissy scene or chemistry at all, really, between Kristen Stewart and Thor, not even at the end. Just when she's dead. For the most part she just kind of looks at him and bares her teeth in what I assume is supposed to be an *I'm into you* sort of look. Hmm....

Have any of you seen it and did you like it? How's your writing going?


Morgan said...

Holy Crap, I am lauuughing... Now I *have* to see this movie just so I can see Thor bare his teeth at K Stewart. :P

I love it. And HUGE congrats, Cort, on the baby number 3! Woot! You're amazing. Projects are well on my end. *winks* Had a great writing day today :D

And I love that picture. Too funny.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Congratulations! I have heard mixed reviews for Snow White, so I put it on the rental list.

Suzi said...

I haven't seen it either and probably won't until it's on video. Rarely make it to a movie theater.

As for writing. Nothing happened with my Writers Voice agent, so I'm keeping on querying. I just typed THE END on my current WIP recently. So that's off to betas and I'm excited to see what they have to say. And now I'll jump into another WIP that's been sitting.

Cassie Mae said...

Bars her teeth in a 'want you' look? Bwhahahahaha! If I did that, the hubs would ask what's wrong with my face, lol.

As for me, I finished another first draft! Wahoo! And about halfway through another. :) I'm trying to pump out all the books before the baby pops out of me, because I know I'm going to want sleep over writing at that point :)

Jennie Bennett said...

Sounds like Kristen Stewart played the role of Snow White. Oh wait, she did! I've found the pregnancy and writing don't really mix. The second trimester was awesomely productive for me but the rest of the pregnancy, forget about it. As Cassie told me on my blog, this too shall pass.

Tara Tyler said...

havent seen it, but did just see mirror, mirror, the tamer, lamer disney version
why does hollywood do that? put out similar movies at the same time?

and use that preg card for carte blanche! you deserve anything you want! even just relaxing!

Sophia Chang said...

I loved Snow White - and esp. the Florence + Machine song at the end. But I love every movie I see, so I'm not sure how reliable I am... :)

Unknown said...

I agree with you about Snow White and the Huntsman. It was far better than I expected but that last scene was disappointing. I thought Kristen Stewart did a great job acting out the part where she's getting everyone pumped to go to war.

I hope you make it through the pregnancy stuff. I hope I have good pregnancies. I'll ask for a refund otherwise. haha

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