Awards and Twitter Dialogue Hop!!

HUGE thanks to Tracey J, to Kelley, and to Cassie for the awards I've gotten!! I'll stick with this one:

Isn't it cute? I've always wanted a skunk to give me the thumbs up!! :D

As these things go, here is one thing that I love about myself. (It's a love/hate thing, really).

I'm so doggone smiley!

 I can't NOT smile, especially if I'm put on the spot or something, which is fun but embarrassing at the same time sometimes. I can't play Malarky because I SUCK at lying, and yes, Lady Gaga, you CAN read my poker face because it's non-existent. I've never been able to pull off the pouty, come-and-get-me pictures that some girls can do, I just end up looking like a dork. Quick story---

When I was ten or so (and when I thought I had a snowball's chance in hell of dancing--I'm not coordinated at all) I performed with a small dance group for a basketball game. Just after that the high school's show choir came out and you know how they sometimes pick some unsuspecting sucker to sit in a chair so they can dance around and sing to her? Yeah, they picked ME. I was so mortified!!! And pretty upset actually, I felt like an idiot while these high school boys danced around in their red shirts and sang about some sappy loviness or other. But I COULD NOT STOP SMILING!!! And that made it even worse because I wasn't HAPPY!! Gah. Oh well. C'est moi! I really do love this about myself. Just thought I'd throw the story in there!

As for passing on the award love (the hardest part because I follow so many awesome blogs), I'm awarding:

Juliana Brandt
Nicole Zoltack
Morgan Shamy

These ladies are all awesome! Go check out their blogs!!!

This is a double post. Ahem, now for Juliana Brandt's Twitter Dialogue Bloghop!!! (I know it's longer than I usually post! I'll understand if you don't want to read the whole thing!!) Juliana's spiel is that we have to have dialogue between characters, and each entry has to be a twitter entry (140 characters or less).

Theme: Paranormal
My characters are: @Controlling Father, @Manipulated Girl, @Stalker Boy

@Controlling Father: I got a call from Mrs. Abernathy.
@Manipulated Girl: *groans*
@Controlling Father: I assume you know what we discussed.
@Manipulated Girl: It won’t happen again.
@Controlling Father: Harvard isn’t lenient. They won’t be impressed with mediocrity.
@Manipulated Girl: I studied, Daddy. I just got distracted.
@Controlling Father: I think it’s time we got you into that learning center.
@Manipulated Girl: I don’t need private tutoring!
@Controlling Father: And any TV or pleasure-reading needs to be cut until this improves.
@Manipulated Girl: A lot of good that does. Seen me watch TV or read lately?
@Controlling Father: C is unacceptable. I want more for you than a farmer’s life.
@Manipulated Girl: So do I! But you can’t just—
@Controlling Father: I’m your father, and you will respect my wishes as long as you’re under this roof.
@Manipulated Girl: Maybe I don’t want to be under this roof anymore! *stomps off* *slams door*
@Stalker Boy: Hi, Shay.
@Manipulated Girl: What are you doing here? I’m serious. The stalking has got to stop.
@Stalker Boy: I came by to help you.
@Manipulated Girl: Help me. Sure.
@Stalker Boy: You okay?
@Manipulated Girl: I just want to hide somewhere. To stop existing.
@Stalker Boy: You don’t know what you’re saying.
@Manipulated Girl: I can’t do it anymore. I hate my life!
@Stalker Boy: I can take you away from it all.
@Manipulated Girl: What’s that supposed to mean?
@Stalker Boy: Come with me. No, don’t look back. Just come.
@Manipulated Girl: *scoffs* And go where?
@Stalker Boy: Does it matter? At least we’ll be away from here.
@Manipulated Girl: I…I can’t.
@Stalker Boy: *pauses* I didn’t want to have to do this.
@Manipulated Girl: Do what-- *screams* What have you done?
@Stalker Boy: You hated your life, Shay. Now you don’t have to worry about it. Now you don’t have to worry about anything.
@Manipulated Girl: No! *door slams* Dad? Daddy?
@Stalker Boy: He’s not here. You got your wish. You don’t exist.
@Manipulated Girl: It can’t be. *panics*
@Stalker Boy: Come on. It’s time to go home.
@Manipulated Girl: This is my home!
@Stalker Boy: Not anymore, it isn’t.


Cassie Mae said...

I don't have a poker face either! We should get together and awkwardly smile at each other. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone should make the pouty, duck face. It's not a good look. Congrats on the award!

Theresa said...

Congrats on the award. And I agree with Joshua, the pouty duck face definitely not a good look. I honestly think girls look like they are trying to make fish faces and the camera is their tank.

Leigh Covington said...

So cool! Being SMILEY is awesome, and that story about the boys is hilarious! You are so cute! Congrats on the award.

And the twitter dialogue is such a cool idea! Love it! You did great!

Cortney Pearson said...

Okay, but I dare you to do it without laughing!! :D I know I won't be able to, ha ha! I think snickering about TONS of things comes along with the smiley thing!

Cortney Pearson said...

LOL duck face! So true!

Jolene Perry said...

The twitter dialogue bloghop has been a blast to read :D

Cortney Pearson said...

Love that analogy, Theresa!

Juliana L. Brandt said...

Aww, Thanks Cortney!!! You are so darn cute- at least you have a nice smile if you're doing it all the time! lol

Great dialogue. The last sentence was perfect :)

Cortney Pearson said...

Ha ha, thanks Leigh! *grins like a fool*

Cortney Pearson said...

Yeah, the entries have been awesome!

Cortney Pearson said...

Thanks, Juliana!! This was fun to write!

Morgan said...

Hahaha!!!! I Looooooved the dialogue! And gosh, I'm at home right now, fevering, barfy sick & smiling cuz of my sweet award...thanks so much, Cort! And I love your smile--it's so you & so genuine!

Cortney Pearson said...

Thanks, Morgan! And bleh, I'm sorry to hear you're sick! Hope you get feeling better soon!!!

Kate Larkindale said...

Great dialogue! Very real. I really enjoyed it... And your pouty duck face! Too cute!

Carrie-Anne said...

I thought the dialogue was really cute and realistic.

Kelley Lynn said...

Oh my gosh. I smile all the time too. And I can't lie. Impossible. That's all good things :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome dialogue, Cortney! Loved it completely! Love the pic as well! :)

Unknown said...

Great dialogue. Very teen, especially the twist at the end. So fun reading these!! And stalking new blogs :)

Jeremy Bates said...

we should always smile whenever we are sad or happy which attracts the positive energy

Deana said...

What a great smile! And I love that story about you and the basketball players:) That made me smile!
I'm doing the Twitter blog hop too. Your story is great!

Unknown said...

Your smile is infectious!!! I bet people can't help but to smile in your presence. :)

Great dialogue with lots of tension. It's amazing what you can do with 140 characters or less.

Nicole Zoltack said...

What a great smile! Thanks for the award!

Loved the twitter dialogue. Very interesting, loved the twist at the end!

Suze Reese said...

Okay, I think it's official. You might just be TOO wonderful! TOO fabulous! and TOO amazing! The reason for this prognosis? I dropped by today to let you know I nominated you for a couple of awards. And what do you know? You've already got more than you can handle. Congrats anywaze! Here they are!

Cortney Pearson said...

YAY, thanks so much Suze! You're TOO nice! :-p

Cortney Pearson said...

Thanks, Nicole! And you're welcome! :)

Cortney Pearson said...

Awww, either that or they gawk and wonder, what the heck is that girl's problem? LOL Just kidding. And thanks, having the restriction definitely makes you double check things and make sure every word counts!

Cortney Pearson said...

Yay, I'm heading to check out your Twitter entry! And thanks!!

Cortney Pearson said...

Jeremy! I completely agree!! (Though it's not always easy, ha ha!)

Cortney Pearson said...

Thanks for stalking by, lol!

Cortney Pearson said...

Thanks, Kate!! :)

Cortney Pearson said...

Thanks, Carrie-Anne!!

Cortney Pearson said...

Yeah Kelley, I totally see you as a smiley person! :D

Cortney Pearson said...

Thanks, Jack!!

Morgan said...

Cort! Dun Dun Dun...

I just left you a special Morg Award on my blog... *winks*

Mark Koopmans said...

Aloha Cortney,

Found you via the award that Morgan Shamy gave both of us and wanted to stop by and say hi! I look forward to reading more of your work. You have a new follower :)

Cortney Pearson said...

Yay, Mark and Morgan! Headed over to check out your blog now, Mark! Thanks for the follow! :)

Tiana Smith said...

Your blog is so cute!! I loves it. <3 And that story about smiling when the boys were singing to you even though you hated it? Yeah, that totally sounds like me ...

Tara Tyler said...

so sweet!
and way to stink it up =)

David P. King said...

Congrats on the award! I need to smile more. :)

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