What Does Your Character Want For Christmas?

I love blog hops! It seems to be the rage, but it's so fun to meet other bloggers/writers and spread the love! And I love Christmas, so what could be better than a Christmassy blog hop?

It's being hosted by the awesome Sarah Belliston, and here is her description of the hop:

"Now that Thanksgiving is FINALLY over ;) we can get onto Christmas things. Like a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway and Blog Hop!!!. Here's how it works. 12 blogs have graciously decided to host giveaways. Each giveaway has a day of Christmas and the links are under each picture. All should have the giveaway up and running by the 1st. You can enter any or all for the next two weeks. Starting on Dec. 13th, we'll close the entries and pick one winner a day."

And because she had to turn bloggers away, she has added a linky list if you still want to participate and blog about what your character would want for Christmas.

I have a tough time deciding this one, as I have two completed novels and my latest NaNo WIP, so I decided to pick the MC from my NaNo.

Piper Crenshaw's mother committed murder when Piper was six years old, so Piper would probably be torn between having her mother out of prison, getting Cooper (the boy of her dreams) to like her back, or having all the freak things about her house (the creaking, flickering lights, girls literally disappearing) stop.

Cheerful Christmas wishes, aren't they? :-p

What would your character like to get for Christmas? Or on a different but still the same note, what are some Christmas traditions you guys have?


Kelley Lynn said...

Hmmm... I'll go with my current NaNo project as well.

My MC, Rydan, would probably want a fancy new sword or something materialistic.

My MC, Akara, would probably want to find someone who cares about her.

Sarah B said...

Hey! Thanks for entering. Make sure click the link "Get the Code" at the bottom of my site and put the linky on your blogs so we can all link together!

Tracey Joseph said...

Going with my NaNo novel.

My main character, Christine, would love more that anything to have a father back home for Christmas.

Morgan said...

So fun!

My MC, Al, would love nothing more than to break her brother out of the creepy rehab facility he's stuck in. ;P

Emily R. King said...

Cute idea! I think my MC would like an engagement ring from the hero for Christmas. She wants so badly to marry him.

David P. King said...

I like creative blog hops.

I guess my current MC would really like a girl friend, or a friend who is a girl, about his age, which is hard to come by since most of them are now undead. :)

Leigh Covington said...

What a fun idea for a blog hop! And yes I hope your MC can get some sort of happiness out of 1 or more of her Christmas wishes! Sounds like a great story tho! Lots going on.

I think my MC would want laser tattoo removal! :D Nope - I'm not kidding, but you don't get to know more about her yet! ;)

Kim Van Sickler said...

My MC, a 13-year-old, soon-to-be-apprentice witch, would like The Academy of Witches and Wizards to allow her to become a reporter.

Sophia Rose said...

Sounds like an intriguing book.

My WIP book is a regency historical romance and my main character is an orphan. I think she would like acceptance from her new guardian's family.

Cortney Pearson said...

Wow, guys! Your stories are definitely intriguing! It's fun to think of our characters this way, isn't it? Thanks for sharing!! :D

Chantele Sedgwick said...

My MC would definitely want her mom back. She hasn't been the same since she went missing. :)

What a fun bloghop! :D

Hannah L. Clark said...

Cortney, it's great to meet you! Well, "virtually" I guess. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the congrats. I'm following you now as well. I love making new writer friends! Tell your husband that Mike says "hi!"

Oh, and my MC Norah Lukens would probably want a "ding-bat free" zone for Christmas. Yeah, something like that!

primrose said...

Your blog is way cute and I love the banner with the two boys. Reminds me of my kid running around while I'm trying to write. And I love to hear more about Piper. Hope you got it published one day. :)

Cassie Mae said...

Oh my! Disappearing people? Ooh, exciting!!! And I'm on the hop too! Lots of fun so far seeing everyone's stories.

And I still am crazy jealous about your blog. It is so darn cute!!!

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