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My favorite book when I was a kid was Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain. We had to memorize in when I was in 2nd grade and since then I've loved it. I have a few other faves, but by far, I think this was it.

A giant black cloud covers the plain, the grass is dry, the animals are thirsty, but Kipat uses an arrow and shoots down rain from the cloud. The repetition made it very easy to memorize as a child, and I loved the little Kipat at the end.

Now that I have two boys and get to pick lots of fun books to read to them, my new favorite is this fabulous, creepy, rendition of an old poem, The Spider and the Fly. The illustrations are fabulous. And my 4 year old is in to creepy things like skeletons and spiders, and it's one of his favorites too.

I'm on a roll, I keep thinking of books we love! Here's two more pics and then I'm done! This one is adorable. The skeleton gets the hiccups and he tries to figure out how to get rid of them.

And this is my 18 month old's fave:

Gah! I'd better stop because I keep thinking of other ones I love! Too many good books!


Abby Fowers said...

Ah, Cortney this is great! I love the "creepy" book too. I haven't ever read that! I want to check it out. It looks so fun, and the skeleton with the hiccups is cracking me up! Love your kids-fest post! This is so much fun! It's hard to stop thinking of books you love, huh?

Kelly Polark said...

Hi! I'm over here from the campaign!
I loved Where the Sidewalk Ends. I memorized many of the poems. One of my fave current books is Guess Again by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Adam Rex. It's silly!

Sarah Tokeley said...

I love the cover and title of that last one. If I ever see it, I'm going to get it and save it for the grandkids (who should start arriving in about 10 years :-))

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

My kiddos love the llama, llama books!

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