Writeoncon 2011

Hello all! I just participated in this year's writeoncon.com free writer's conference. I didn't even know it existed until halfway through a friend of mine filled me in, and I'm so glad she did!

What is writeoncon.com?

It's a FREE three day writer's conference where you can go into forums and post your query letters, synopses, first 250 words, or first 5 pages for other writers to critique. And to top it off, agents bebop through the forums too, and if they bump into your stuff and like it, they request more!

Agents also give mini classes on things like your first page and revisions. I haven't actually looked into their workshops yet because I spent the whole one and a half days in the forums! But the good thing is they're posted afterward for your viewing pleasure. Two friends of mine got requests for more material just from posting their queries, so kudos!

Post if you attended writeoncon.com!!!

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