SCBWI Meeting in Boise

Yesterday we made the trip to Boise so I could go to a small, informal meeting and it was great because I got to meet some fellow SCBWI members and get remotivated by being around other successful writers!

We talked about a blog post from (haven't check it yet, but I will!!) in which this blogger listed seven things writers have their characters do too much. I only got through five of the seven because I had to leave early, so here's five:

1. sigh
2. glance
3. blink
4. stare
5. look
6. ?
7. ?

We went through things that you could have a character do instead of those listed, like gawk or goggle or whatever, so make your own list of words to use instead! We also discussed trends in the 2010 market, like dystopian novels (Mockingjay), and a change of paranormal romance novels from just being about vampires and werewolves (thank goodness!). It was a great meeting.

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