Firelight Review

I have just finished my new favorite book! It's called Firelight, by Sophie Jordan. It has a great premise and more importantly, a great love story. I loved the chemistry and the fire between Jacinda and Will. Sophie coats her characters with emotion and desire and does it tastefully. The whole book is jampacked with great descriptions and a good, beleivable storyline. I loved it.

Five Star Rating

Jacinda is not only a dragon (called draki) in human form, but she's also one of the last fire-breathers. When she screws up and the pride threatens to breed her, Jacinda's mom freaks out and takes her and her twin sister to live like humans. Jacinda feels her inner draki--the dragon within her, her life, her passion--fading away in the heat of the desert, but not when she's around Will, who is gorgeous and sultry, and who happens to be her mortal enemy. Will is a member of a family of dragon hunters. But the two can't deny their feelings and the way their drawn to each other. (Lots of great kiss scenes, btw). I loved the book the whole way through.

The one disappointing thing is the way Sophie Jordan ended it, though. She cut it off right in the middle of a climax--bad timing if you ask me. A little irritating, but not enough to make me stop reading! I'm drooling for the next one to come out! (Not sure when that will be.)

P.S. Just looking online and it seems they're also planning on making Firelight into a movie. Hoo ha. Hopefully it turns out better than the Twilight movies did. I was disappointed with them, though I loved the books.

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