Descriptive Words

I love books where the words just suck me right in and I can sense every step and breath the narrator is feeling. And I'm on a quest to do the same in my books.
Rebecca McClanahan, in her book Word Painting: A Guide to Writing More Descriptively suggests compliling a list of sensory words. Good writing is also all about strong verbs, and this list will help with that, too.


Here is my list of descriptive words. It's small as of now, but the more I find, the more I'll add!

scald                   extinguish                  rough                claw
nibble                  tremble                    surge                  itch
scavenge             delirium                    whip                  congest
hunt                     feverish                    cut                    chafe
cocoon                rapture                    gleam                 seize
lick                      lavish                       throb                 supple
shroud                 wither                      fidget                 sleek
canvas                 gush                        rasp                    glow
primal                  rattle                       penetrate             sever
resilient                peal                        flex                      skitter
latch                    dazzle                      whir                    whisk
hawklike              rush                        froth                    crinkle
elegant                 twine                      twist                     hiss
crank                   riveted                    perk                    wild
bitter                   scathe                      radiant                shiver
shatter                 gather                      snap                   caress
slog                     dawn                       unfurl                  swirl
canker                 linger                      sharpen                crisp
blend                   clack                      drag                     vibrant
noxious               whimper                  coarse                 tart

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Lindsay said...

I've been considering compiling a list like this for the past few weeks. I love your start!

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