NOOKcolor Review

I recently received a NOOKcolor for Christmas and I LOVE it! But as with everything there are pros and cons about it, so I thought I would list them here, if anyone is interested in finding out more about them.

-Wi-fi access to the internet
-Pandora radio app to listen to music while you read or browse the Barnes and Noble shop or the internet, as well as Sudoku. Chess and crossword puzzles are also on there, but I'm not really into them all that much.
-Comes with two free kids books
-Easy to navigate around once you get the hang of it
-You can change the font size for books you're reading--especially good for when you're reading the lds scriptures because you have to enlarge it to select different chapters
-You can put music and pictures on it (there's an SD card slot in the lower lefthand corner)
-You can store and read Word files, although no editing
-A one-time lend option with friends who also have nooks and have books you might want to read, but don't necessarily want to buy
-You can download books for free
-The screen is lit so there's no need for a book light when reading in bed while your other half has fallen asleep
-Stores up to 6,000 books at a time, all in one place so no more carting around dozens of books when you travel somewhere
-You can organize your books into shelves, making them easier to find
-It keeps track of the last book you were reading, so you just tap the top of the home page to open right back to where you were. Or you can bookmark pages by tapping the upper righthand corner of a page
-AWESOME instant dictionary when you come to a word you don't know. Just hold your finger over the word and you can highlight it, make a note, and look up the definition
-Offers samples of books so you can read a bit before you decide to buy one
-Pretty good battery life

-There's no back button. You have to keep going to the main screen to get out of things, unless you're on the internet, then there's a back arrow
-The free books are a little difficult to find, it takes a bit of searching. I guess I was expecting a "Free Books" button or something to browse from
-I still like the good old fashioned feel of a book in my hands
-After spending the money to get the thing in the first place, you then have to pay for books to put on it so you can actually read something! Unless of course you find the free ones. Which I have :)
-Have to switch to airplane mode when going somewhere so that it's not constantly searching for wi-fi and running down the battery

In spite of the cons, I'd say overall that I LOVE my NOOKcolor and I'm excited to have one! It'll be great to have a book with me everywhere I go (along with fairly easy access to the internet), to have my scriptures more easily accessible and not have to lug around bulky books (even though I love the feel of books, as I've already mentioned). It was probably one of the best Christmas presents I've ever gotten, so kudos to the hubby!

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